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Weed Control

All weeds are not created equal. At Accent Lawn Care we are experts at weed control because we know you must employ several techniques to control weed growth. If you use only one technique, you will increase the chance that a weed species will adapt to the control techniques. For example, if only one type of herbicide is used over a long period of time, a weed species can build up a resistance to that herbicide. 


At Accent Lawn Care, we offer you a long-term integrated weed management plan, that considers all available management control techniques or tools to control weeds while focusing on the most economical and effective control of the weeds, including ecological considerations.


Controlling weeds may involve a wide range of techniques. The 5 general categories of weed control are:


  • Preventative Weed Control

  • Cultural Weed Control

  • Mechanical Weed Control

  • Biological Weed Control

  • Chemical Weed Control

If you are letting weeds get the best of your beautifully landscaped lawn, call us or email us today to schedule your Free Lawncare Analysis.


Call us at 985-893-1928 504-407-5421 or email us to schedule your FREE LAWN CARE ANALYSIS. We are professional, reliable and affordable and offer exceptional customer service.  


Accent Your Lawn For Life!


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