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Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Let's face it, commercial properties require a larger amount of on-going maintenance. In addition to maintaining access to the driveways and parking lots, there is the building upkeep, adequate signage and business lighting. Then, of course, there is the lawn and landscape maintenance. During the fall and winter months, businesses tend to neglect the upkeep of their lawns and landscaping. This is a mistake!

First Impressions Matter

Your customer's first impression of your business is extremely important. An office/building with properly maintained landscaping tells your customers, "Welcome, we are ready for your business". Customers who see a well-maintained exterior will view your business as professional, fostering a sense of trust. When people see you take pride in the appearance of your business, they believe you will provide them with high quality services.

Safety and Access

Commercial properties that have large areas of overgrown brush and unkempt areas may pose a dangerous situation for commercial property owners, their tenants, and customers.

The most common overlooked area is around the perimeter of a business lot. Commercial lots with areas of tall, overgrown grass and brush are significantly less secure than businesses with regularly mowed and maintained landscapes. Not only do overgrown tall grasses and invasive weeds around a commercial lot provide ample hiding areas for thieves, vandals and other criminals, they also make access difficult. Think of the number of service providers who may need access to your utility areas, pipelines, HVAC equipment, and other critical components of your commercial site.

Increase of Rodents

One of the more unsightly aspects of commercial sites with tall grass and overgrown brush is the increase of rodent and insect activity on the property. Rodents and insects can thrive and quickly overrun a commercial site, creating an infestation that can negatively impact commercial lots, buildings, utility areas, HVAC equipment, parking areas, and landscape gardens. When commercial lots are regularly maintained with vegetation management and weed control services, then the likelihood of a rodent or insect infestation decreases dramatically.

Decreased Property and Community Value

Commercial properties can benefit greatly when their site is a beautiful and welcoming addition to their surrounding community. However, when they allow tall weeds and overgrown brush to remain on their site, especially in plain view, this can cause community outrage as well as a diminished property value.

As a commercial property owner, you should always strive to maintain a well-kept and manicured property. By keeping your lawn mowed, your garden beds vibrant and your trees healthy, you are promoting your property as well as the community at large. This type of proactive commercial landscaping maintenance fosters goodwill and serves to positively impact your revenue and increase the frequency of your customer visits.

Save Money When you work with a lawn and landscaping business, like Accent Lawn Care, you’ll get a professional opinion on your commercial lawn care and landscaping needs. Our licensed and fully insured staff will work with you to establish a budget for your recurring maintenance. Our annual service agreements will allow you to save money long term and will ensure that your property remains looking its best year-round.

When you have an established landscaping plan, you are prepared for the upcoming seasons. Not only will your property remain neat and manicured, you will also allow for strategic cultivation that increase the value of your commercial property.

Let Accent Lawn Care customize your landscape to enhance the image of your organization, increase the value of your property, and provide you with a full range of worry-free maintenance services. Call us at 985-893-1928 or email us to schedule your FREE LAWN CARE ANALYSIS. We are professional, reliable and affordable and offer exceptional customer service.

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