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Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Once you take down the holiday decorations – it will be time to prepare your yard for spring!

Though January is in the heart of winter, it still provides a few beautiful days full of sunshine. It’s the perfect time to get out in your yard and prune your trees, shrubs, and flower beds. Pruning is a skill that takes time to perfect, often years! Pruning helps shape up greenery and if done correctly, the greenery will regrow healthily. If done improperly, you could actually damage your trees and plants.

January is also a great time to mulch around your trees and shrubs. When mulching, you want to maintain 2 to 3 inches of depth. If you are mulching newer trees and plants, you will want to add a little bit more. Make sure not to pile too much mulch against the trunks of your trees because this can cause decay. You can also care for your fruit trees by layering mulch around them, which will keep the roots underground from being exposed to the harsh winter air. You can also trim your plants and trees to encourage new fruit production for spring.

Another part of preparing your lawn and garden for spring is taking care of damage your yard has incurred during the cold temperatures. The winter season sometimes wreaks havoc on gardens and yards and repairs will often be needed come springtime. January and February can be a great time to care for damaged turf areas. Damaged grass will be brown or not regrow when warmer temperatures arrive. You may need to resod patches of grass that have died to bring the area back to life in the spring.

Contact Accent Lawn Care today for proper tree, plant, and yard maintenance. We can help you get a head-start and have your garden ready for spring! Call today at (985) 893-1928 or visit our website at

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