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Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Many of us know a teenager who is willing to take cut your grass or someone who does landscaping as a side business. Although it is inspiring to see others start their own businesses and move toward accomplishing their goals, when it comes to fulfilling the needs for your business, hiring a professional lawn care company is your best option.

When choosing your commercial lawn care company, make sure they offer:

1. Consistent and regular lawn care maintenance

Why would a customer think you would take care of their business if you don't take care of your own property? Keeping your lawn looking immaculate attracts customers because they know your attention to detail will transfer to how you'll treat them.

When it comes to selecting a commercial lawn care company for your property, you want lawn care professionals that have the knowledge and experience to handle all your needs. Ask these questions before making any decisions:

How long has the company been in business?

Do they offer a wide range of services?

Can they provide you will references and show you examples of their work?

At Accent Lawn Care, we have over 30 years experience in commercial and residential lawn care. Our licensed and insured horticulturalists, and lawn care professionals have the knowledge and experience to keep your lawn and landscaping looking great year-round.

2. Multiple services to keep your lawn and landscaping looking its best

Keeping your lawn cut and trimmed are just two of the services that a high-quality commercial lawn care company will provide for your grass. This is because it requires much more than that to create and maintain a healthy lawn. Fertilization and aeration are two tasks that should be done at certain times during the year for optimal lawn health. You also need regular weed and pest control to protect your grass from threats.

At Accent Lawn Care we make sure your lawn is healthy and that there are no brown patches or unhealthy grass. We'll schedule aeration and seeding to keep your lawn and landscape looking great year-round.

3. Professional tree and shrub care

If you have trees and shrubs on your property, it is crucial to look for a commercial lawn care company that can give them care. Some types of trees and shrubs require occasional pruning throughout the year. Some need to be trimmed regularly to maintain the shape and aesthetic that works best for your landscape design. Just like your lawn, trees and shrubs need protection from threats and additional nutrients from time to time.

At Accent Lawn Care, we have have decades of combined experience, rest assured we have the knowledge and capability to handle all of your tree care needs. From pruning and trimming to tree removal, our highly trained arborists and field crew have the equipment and experience required to care for or remove trees, safely and efficiently. Often trees are located near offices, homes, utility lines, and other sensitive areas so it is of utmost importance that you choose the right company for your tree and shrub care.


4. The capability of maintaining large spaces

Keep in mind that skill is everything when it comes to maintaining a commercial property's exterior, especially in harsh conditions. The company you hire should have the right training, the best tools in the industry, and the workforce and logistics required to do a swift, flawless job.

At Accent Lawn Care, we have annual service agreements with large and small commercial businesses as we as city and state municipalities. Let us show you a portfolio or our work and list of our satisfied customers so that you will be able to put your confidence in us to do the superior work you deserve.

5. The ability to take care of your bottom line

Partnering with a commercial landscape services company can help you prevent two of the biggest problems that retail and service-based businesses face a decline in customers and legal issues. Successfully attracting scores of foot traffic and providing a safe shopping experience both within your store and outside its exterior surroundings will ultimately improve your bottom line.

Choosing a commercial lawn care company is an important task because it can impact your wallet and the way people perceive your business. Keep these standards in mind as you research your options and make a decision on the commercial lawn care company that is the best fit. There are many landscaping businesses that claim to specialize in servicing commercial properties, but how can you be sure? You need to hire a service provider who knows the legalities and details of maintaining a business's exterior area keeping the grounds safe for customers and employees.

At Accent Lawn Care, we keep businesses booming with customers all year long. Commercial grounds maintenance for multi-site companies is our specialty. We can coordinate multiple services to keep the exterior of your business in the best shape.

We are fully licensed and staffed to handle a large array of projects. We are proud of our work with many local municipalities in the state of Louisiana and the Federal Government. We provide over $1 million in annual commercial maintenance alone!

The Time is Now!

Many companies book up quickly, so it is best to get a head start in planning to secure a partner who will have you covered and open for business before, during, and after weather emergencies.

Call us at 985-893-1928 or 504-407-5421 or email us to schedule your FREE LAWN CARE ANALYSIS. We are professional, reliable and affordable and offer exceptional customer service.  

Accent Your Lawn For Life!

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