Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Businesses that provide their clients with landscaped areas and plants inside buildings are more successful. According to the National Urban and Community Forestry program of the USDA Forest Service, there are many economic benefits of commercial landscaping and some will directly affect a company's Return On Investment (ROI). Here are three:

  1. Rental rates are 7 percent for commercial offices with high-quality landscapes.

  2. Shoppers claim they will spend 9 to 12 percent more for goods and services in central business districts that have high quality tree canopies.

  3. Shoppers indicate they will travel a greater distance and a longer time to visit a district with a high-quality tree canopy and spend more time there once they arrive.

In addition, research conducted by the Center for Urban Horticulture revealed that having plants and trees in and around commercial buildings helps to retain workers by increasing their overall job satisfaction. In a survey of desk workers, desk workers with a view of greenery had an advantage over those who did not.

Respondents that were surrounded by greenery reported they had:

  1. a much higher life and job satisfaction and greater enthusiasm for the job; and

  2. better overall health.

Having great looking commercial landscaping can directly affect your bottom line. Your customer’s first impression of your business is extremely important. If your property is looking unkempt, what does that say about your business? At Accent Lawncare, we can help maintain your lawn and landscaping year-round. Let us offer you a free competitive proposal today regarding our green services:

* Lawn care (mowing, edging, weed control)

* Shrub and Hedge Trimming

* Flower Bed Maintenance

* Design, Installation, Maintenance

*Tree and Shrub Planting

* Pesticide Application

Accent Lawn Care can help you get ready for business. Our licensed and insured lawn and landscaping professionals can tailor a plan to your commercial needs. Call us today at (985) 893-1928 and Accent Your Lawn For Life!

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