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Insect & Pest Control 

Here in the South, pests are even more of a problem than they are elsewhere in the United States. Louisiana, being below sea elevation, is prone to more pests than just about any other state. Accent Lawn Care has over a decade of experience at servicing the Greater New Orleans area and Northshore communities.


With Accent Lawn Care, you are getting a  specially formulated treatment to ensure your lawn gets treated for what it needs. Our monthly lawn spray program will fight against insects, weeds, and disease and nutrient deficiencies.


We also provide indoor pest control treatments for your home or business. At Accent Lawn Care, it is our goal to provide you and your family with safe and affordable indoor pest control services.


Let Accent Lawn Care customize your landscape to enhance the image of your organization, increase the value of your property and provide you with a full range of worry-free maintenance services.


Call us at 985-893-1928 or 504-407-5421or email us to schedule your FREE LAWN CARE ANALYSIS. We are professional, reliable and affordable and offer exceptional customer service.  


Accent Your Lawn For Life!

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